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Wild and Well

Wild and Well: Nature Connection, Wellbeing and Meaning in Life

Readers may recall that in May 2020 Michael Wilson undertook a study of ‘nature connectedness and meaning in life‘ in the Northumberland National Park.

Among other findings, the research showed that green areas with rich biodiversity provide numerous opportunities to help people who connect with nature to make meaning in life. Consequently, any depletion of natural settings would diminish the benefits that these green spaces provide.

We published the official abstract of Michael’s MSc project thesis in March 2021. You can read it here:

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John Muir Trust publishes summary article

As an adjunct to this work, the John Muir Trust has just published a summary article written by Michael titled ‘Wild and Well: Nature Connection, Wellbeing and Meaning in Life’. You can read the article here:

Photo of woodland overlaid with the words 'Wild and well: summary article'

Many thanks to Michael for keeping us updated about his research which is clearly of interest to the residents and visitors of the Breamish Valley – our own beautiful green space in which to connect with nature.

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