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Wendy Pattison County Councillor

Introducing Wendy Pattison County Councillor

At the May 2017 Local Elections, Conservative Party representative Wendy Pattison was elected County Councillor for the Longhoughton Ward.

[The following copy and attached images were submitted by Councillor Wendy Pattison and used with permission]

Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Wendy Pattison

Wendy Pattison (right) with Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Wendy, is a resident of Rock Village near Alnwick and has worked in Local Government for over 20 years. A mother of four and ‘Nana’ to ten grandchildren, she is a firm believer in family values and of ‘community’ and believes that by strengthening and fostering a sense of community and providing people with ways to come together as friends, neighbours and citizens creates a firmer foundation and enables a neighbourhood to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Sincere thanks

Wendy would also like to take the time to sincerely thank everyone who voted for her and it will be both a privilege and a pleasure to represent the interests of every resident and will do whatever is necessary to enhance local services and improve the infrastructure of the area.

Initial report

In recent weeks, the pavements in Bolton Village have been re-tarmacked. Four blockages re drainage in Powburn village have been traced and a traffic vibration test has been undertaken at a resident’s house in Powburn. It is also hoped the speed camera van will be in Powburn very shortly and traffic monitoring will also take place in two locations in the village.

Wendy intends to provide reports on her activities and will submit them as necessary for publication on this website.

Contact details

In order to become an effective and proactive County Councillor, Wendy would like to encourage all residents to take time to share their ideas, concerns and aspirations, and what really matters and is important to them and looks forward very much to the many challenges which lie ahead.


Tel. 07779 983 072

Wendy Pattison Longhoughton Ward

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