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Water haven

River Breamish – water haven for weary travellers

Cycling along the Breamish Valley is one of my favourite activities. But sometimes, instead of getting my head down and pounding the pedals, it’s nice to stop and just stay awhile…and look.

Just near Bulby’s Wood (with its new visitor facilities) there are plenty of places to stop alongside the River Breamish and relax.

Autumn is a favourite season of mine and so stopping to rest on the banks of the Breamish amidst the yellow, golden brown, sienna, ochre and red leaves of the trees is a delight. I can enjoy the sight of trees reflected in the sometimes still waters of the river, listen to the wind rustling the drying crisp leaves overhead, and listen to the sound of water rushing over cobbles and rocks.

Trees reflected in River Breamish

A water haven? Trees reflected in River Breamish

Leaning trees near Bulby's Wood

Enjoy the sound of rustling leaves in leaning trees

River Breamish rapids

River water rushing over rocks

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