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War Memorial in place

War Memorial in place at Powburn

Following the laying of the first foundations on 9 September 2018, the War Memorial itself was set in place on Friday 14 September 2018.

As usual, a team of willing helpers assisted.

You’ll see from the first glimpses of the Memorial in the images above and below that it’s in-keeping with our surroundings. The approximately 1.2 m bronze plaque, listing the names of 39 fallen service personnel from WWI and WWII, is fixed to a decades-old gate post that is believed to have been quarried locally.

War Memorial in place-1

Stonemason team, Sid Smailes and Robbie Burn make preparations

War Memorial in place-2

Sid Smailes and stonemason team lower memorial onto foundations

War Memorial in place-3

Doreen and Robbie Burn with War Memorial in place

What next?

Please feel free to go along to the Powburn Community Garden and take a look at the War Memorial in place. There is still some work to be done before a public dedication ceremony takes place. This is currently planned for:

Saturday 27 October 2018


Powburn Community Garden

Refreshment afterwards at the Breamish Hall, Powburn
Everyone is invited!

Please watch this space for further updates


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