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Visiting Linhope Estate

Explore Linhope Estate

One of my favourite places to ‘get away from it all’ is Linhope Estate, at the start of the Breamish Valley.

Its mix of heather moorland, native woodland and upland heath (that is managed for conservation purposes) is a real pleasure to see.

Linhope hillside

Visiting Linhope Estate moors

And the ever-changing seasonal light creates magical, expansive skies that are simply breathtaking at times.

Linhope skies

Linhope skies

Explore Linhope Estate

To help visitors to the Breamish Valley better appreciate and thoroughly enjoy all that Linhope Estate has to offer, I’ve put a permanent page entitled simply ‘Linhope Estate’ under the Explore Section of the website. You can see it here.

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