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Up Above – Down Below

Up and down a valley

I’ve enjoyed visiting and re-visiting the area around the Hedgeley Lakes in recent weeks. How things change, though! The valley floor looks so different now from the yellow Hedgeley of April 2020:

panorama of Breamish Valley near Hedgeley Lakes
Panorama of Breamish Valley near Hedgeley Lakes

The above image was taken from close to where the new steps for old were installed recently. And from here, if you look up above, you can see the Crawley Tower from behind protective, solitary trees:

photo of Crawley Tower and barns
Who’s protecting who?

And if you look down below, there are more solitary trees to be found. This one sits in the field opposite the Hedgeley Services protecting the Cheviot Hills:

solitary oak tree in front of Cheviot Hills
Oak in the valley

Lots to be seen by looking up above and looking down below!


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