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Ukulele Classes Powburn

Evening classes confirmed

Following our recent announcement about the possibility of starting Beginner Ukulele Classes at the Breamish Hall in Powburn, we’ve now been contacted by several people expressing an interest in attending classes: enough to go ahead, as follows.

Beginner Ukulele Classes

Breamish Hall, Powburn

Tuesday evenings starting 29 June 2021


Instructor: Malcolm Pringle

Bring your own instrument if you have one. We have a limited number of ukuleles that can be borrowed for the classes – please discuss this with May Wilson (contact details below)

Photo of tenor ukulele in carrying bag

Is there still time for me to join in?

Yes, we’d love to have you come along!

Please contact May Wilson to let her know you’d like to attend.

May Wilson Mob: 07901860613 Tel: 01665 578576 Email:

Should I learn to play the ukulele?

Still not sure if trying your hand at the ukulele is right for you? See our previous post with information to help you decide:

Photo of a ukulele overlaid with the words 'Play the ukulele'
Poster with photo of ukulele with the words 'If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place!'

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