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To The Fallen Of The Breamish Valley

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Lest We Forget header by Graham Williamson 2017

The thirty-nine on this pillar sae fine,

Quarried here and knarn to them

Will watch fine sunsets every day

And laugh the last tear away hyem.

From the whisper of the Breamish burn

To the lonely Cheviot hills,

In the rustling of the Autumn leaves,

How a deeper richness fills

This valley now, with memories

For them, may sweet flewers graa,

And where once lived pain,

May life bloom again,

And that pain, may we never knar.

James Tait, Sep 2018

James Tait reads To The Fallen Of The Breamish Valley
James Tait, Northumbrian dialect poet, reads his ‘To The Fallen Of The Breamish Valley’ on the occasion of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Dedication Ceremony held on Saturday 27 October 2018 in the Community Garden, Powburn
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Lest we forget

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