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Tipping Top Soil

Tipping top soil at River Breamish

Site 1

After laying boulders to provide ballast for the root wads installed on the riverbank, work on the River Breamish Riverbank Protection scheme continued yesterday with the tipping of top soil at Site 1.

The contractors from Haywood Contracting were using heavy machinery to dig up cobble material from nearby and then depositing it on top of the root wads to fill any voids. Good quality top soil was then tipped and spread over this and smoothed so that the overall height is the same as the current riverbank.

Top soil ready for spreading
Digging cobble material from nearby
Tipping cobble material
Spreading cobble material and top soil
A levelled area

Site 2

Logs have been sorted and some were cut to a point yesterday, in preparation for being driven into the riverbank (see schematic diagram below).

[Credit: The above images is copyright © Tweed Forum 2019 and used with permission.]

‘Sharpened’ logs


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