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Thompson Family Tree

Andrew THOMPSON – Old Powburn Shop owner

Andrew THOMPSON was the original “grocer and provision dealer” who opened “large and commodious premises” at Powburn on 6 March 1883: the original ‘Old Powburn Shop’ [1]. This was run by various members of the Thompson family as a grocer shop until 1911 when it was also being used as a Post Office. It then appears to have run as a Post Office until at least 1939.

Family ties

Andrew THOMPSON was the second of nine children born to Samuel Thompson (B. 11 Mar 1810) and Elizabeth Forster (B. 8 Mar 1812). Born in Eglingham on 1 May 1833, he married Elizabeth SCOTT on 1 Dec 1926.

But did you know that local resident Jean Givens is the great granddaughter of Andrew Thompson?

We’ve now been able to create a family tree for Jean that shows how she is linked through her father’s side of the family to the original “wholesale rabbit and game dealer” from his premises in Powburn [2].



  1. Alnwick Mercury, “Announcement,” The Alnwick Mercury and North Northumberland Weekly Advertiser, 3 March 1883.
  2. Powburn Shop Receipt from Jean Givens Personal Collection (2019).


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