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Thompson Family Members

CAROLYN BREWSTER of Eglingham has been in touch regarding some interesting research that she’s undertaking. Can you help?

Carolyn is currently involved in a Monuments Project run by Linda Bankier, the Senior Archivist, at Berwick Record Office. Linda ran a survey in 1999 to transcribe the gravestone inscriptions at St Maurice’s Church in Eglingham, and the current project aims to update the inscriptions, add legacy photographs of the stones, and tell some of the stories of the families who are buried here.  

None of Carolyn’s family are buried at St Maurice’s Church and so, after discussion with a friend, she has decided to research the Thompson family. The family is well-known in the Breamish Valley, as many members lived in Powburn or on nearby farms, and Andrew Thompson (b. 1 May 1833) ran the Old Powburn Shop.

Can you identify these people?

Carolyn has come into possession of a formal family photograph of Andrew Thompson, his wife Elizabeth Mary Scott and what is believed to be eight of their children. She has been able to identify Andrew’s three daughters in the photo but not the sons.

Do you know who’s who?

Monochrome vintage photo of family group of ten people
Thompson family
Photo illustration of a family group
Reference image (click to enlarge)

FRONT ROW: [1] Andrew Thompson (1833-1914) and wife [2] Elizabeth Mary Scott (1838-1926)

MIDDLE ROW: [3] Elizabeth Mary (Lizzie) (1876-1946) [4] Eleanor (Ellen) (1878-1955) [5] Susanna (1873-1952)

BACK ROW: Assuming this is a family get together and these are their five sons, then these are the names I’d like to be able to match to a face:

  • Samuel (1865-1944?)
  • Walter Scott (1867-1921)
  • Joseph (1870-1916)
  • John Robert (1874- ?)
  • Andrew (1882-1946)

A plausible guess suggests the youngest, Andrew, is on the far right [10]. He looks like a teenager, which would place the photo sometime around 1900.

It would also be a bonus to know  the occasion they were all dressed up for.

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