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The Skies Have It

The skies or the sky?

Singular of plural? Mmm…is there just one sky or are there many skies?

I suppose it depends on your perspective. Lying on your back looking up into a completely dark sky can surely make you feel that you’re lying under the enormous globe of just one sky. But…

Down on the Breamish Valley floor, turning this way and that, first looking over this haugh and then over that hill, together with the ever changing winter sunlight, and it does give the impression that now you’re under many skies. Each view has it’s own quality.

To decide for yourself (singular or plural), all you have to do is look up and, well…look. Things do seem better when we look up, don’t they?

Photo of cloud-filled sky over hill looking towards Glanton village
Sky/skies over Glanton
Photo of sky over Crawley Tower looking from the River Breamish
Skies/sky over Crawley Tower
Photo of skies above Ingram village
Skies/sky over Ingram

You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.

Pema Chodron
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