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The Happy Cats (Powburn 2017)

The Happy Cats

The Happy Cats logo 2

A drop of the Irish, a spoonful of Country, a splash of Cajun and a twist of folk…

was back at Powburn on Saturday evening (17 June 2017). Almost one year to the date since The Happy Cats gave their their last sell-out performance at Breamish Hall.

Multi-talented line-up

Marty Craggs (lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica, flute, tin whistle, tambourine, bodhran), Les Dodd (guitar, vocals) and Lenny Brown (accordion, vocals) had the crowd pulsating with an exhilarating, high-energy performance from beginning to end.

Celtic sounds, Geordie and Irish folk, and some nostalgic ‘Lindisfarne’ classics had toes tapping, hands clapping and the crowd on their feet.

Simply stupendous!

How it played out

Marty Craggs 1

Marty Craggs

Lenny Brown 1

Lenny Brown

Les Dodd 1

Les Dodd

The Happy Cats lineup 1

The Happy Cats on stage

Marty Craggs flute

Marty Craggs playing flute

Les Dodd 2

Les Dodd – guitar

Lenny Brown 2

Lenny Brown – accordion

Marty Craggs saxophone

Marty Craggs – saxophone

The Happy Cats lineup 4

A hot spoonful of salsa

Lenny Brown 3

Lenny Brown

Lenny Brown accordion

Lenny Brown’s dazzling jigs and reels

Les Dodd 3

Les Dodd

Les Dodd guitar

Les Dodd’s rocking rhythms

Marty Craggs bodhran

Marty Craggs – bodhran

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