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Adders on the Sunny Side of the Street

Adders on the sunny side near Branton

During the recent heavy snow of the Beast from the East, adders were difficult to find. However, as soon as there was some respite, they could be spotted quite easily once more on the sunny side of the street!

Branton Lakes Nature Reserve wildlife report 2016

Wildlife report 2016

Following the transfer of ownership of Branton Nature Conservation Area/Branton Ponds from Cemex to the Hedgeley Estate, it was felt important to collect as much data as possible on the state of the wildlife on the site.

Wildlife and weather

By Hugh Tindle

THE SPRING WEATHER WAS rather unpredictable to say the least. Having struggled through April with some very chilly days and nights it seemed quite bizarre that we should end the month with more snow on the ground than there had been throughout the entire winter.

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