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In an instant

Instant change

Welcome to 2018! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Set any resolutions? Perhaps you want to get out and about a little more in 2018. Well, there’s no better place than north Northumberland. A couple of days ago (6 January 2018), I went over once again to our sister valley – the Harthope Valley – to enjoy the views.

The winter weather is, of course, extremely changeable in the Cheviot Hills and the weather went from fairly bright and sunny (above image) to dark and brooding in just a short moment.

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First snow (Autumn 2016)

First snow!

Well, the last few days has seen a fairly dramatic change in temperature along Breamish Valley. After some quite balmy, sunny spells just a few weeks ago, the night time temperatures have dropped to such a low that we’ve seen the first substantial lay of snow on the Cheviots.

A trip along the valley, from Powburn to Linhope, is a great way to take in different views of the snow-topped hills.

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Nacreous clouds

Nacreous clouds

By Peter Slater

[All images © Peter Slater 2016 – used with permission]

I’d been reading the article Respite from the Storms and it reminded me of the walk I had a couple of days ago (Wed 3 Feb 2016) at Embleton. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Interestingly, there have been lots of sightings from around the UK of rare nacreous clouds and we had them here too.

Sometimes known as mother of pearl clouds for their distinct appearance, nacreous clouds are laced with vivid iridescent light from below the horizon. (Met Office, UK)

The Met Office explains nacreous clouds as follows:

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Respite from the storms


Well, the past couple of days or so has seen a bit of a respite from the latest effects of storm Henry (Named on:30 January 2016; Date of impact on UK: 1-2 February 2016).

There have been some occasional blue skies in the Breamish Valley, the wind has abated a bit (which means I can now go out cycling again) and there are signs of Spring cropping up everywhere.

Breamish Valley respite

Respite in the weather – looking towards Reaveley
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Cheviot snow

Cheviot snow again

Tried to ride out on my bike today but couldn’t get out of Powburn village as it was far too icy for cycle riding. Slipped a couple of times, so I thought better of it and returned home. But not before taking a few shots of the snow on the Cheviot Hills. We’ve had a few smatterings of snow on the hills since the first snow of autumn but, with the light in just the right direction this morning, it all looked quite spectacular.

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