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Help us support village halls

A message from Community Action Northumberland

Dear friend,

As you know, village halls are at the heart of our communities in Northumberland. They offer a place for groups to get together, children to play, people to learn new skills, and family and friends to celebrate. Village halls are a focal point for the local community.

But we know they need support to survive. Behind the scenes, it is you as trustees and management committees that keep village halls going – and you need support and training to fulfil your roles.

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What is a smart meter?

Following on…

Following the success of the first Warm Hubs Event in Powburn, Community Action Northumberland has provided the following relevant information to further help people reduce their energy bills.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters. They show you the amount of energy you use as you use it and how much you are spending in pounds and pence. Your energy supplier(s) will install at no cost to you, this will replace your old meter:

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