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Community Garden Improvements

In addition to the new wall to protect the well in the Powburn Community Garden, further improvements are well underway.

A planter that will be used to create a bed of red roses has been constructed and installed at the Breamish Valley War Memorial. The angular, U-shaped wooden planter was made to the same high standards as the Bolton Road Sign Planters and the Powburn Road Sign Planters by Chris Armit from Newcastleton (Chris constructed the Bolton and Powburn planters).

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Remembrance Sunday 2020


We are sure that members of the local community will recognise the current unusual circumstances surrounding the possibility of commemorating Remembrance Sunday this year. While the UK Government has now published guidance (published 3 Nov 2020), the required actions and responsibilities mean that there is insufficient time to organise a public event. However, we do not want to let this commemoration pass us by and we want to assure you that the fallen of the Breamish Valley are never forgotten. Consequently, a wreath will be laid by May Wilson BEM on behalf of the local community.

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An expert motorist: Christopher Leather

An expert motorist

As we move into a New Year with all the hopes and opportunities that this may bring, it’s important not to forget a significant anniversary during 2018 – the First World War Centenary.

Frequent visitors to this website will no doubt be aware of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project and the publication of the Breamish Valley Roll of Honour.

In October 2017, we focused on one of our young men from the Breamish Valley who lost his life during WWI: Captain Robert Collingwood Roddam. Robert was just 25 years when he was killed in action. In this current website post, we are focusing on another local man: Christopher Leather.

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All-round sportsman: Robert Collingwood Roddam

All-round sportsman

Those of you who have followed the development of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project will likely have reviewed the Roll of Honour for the fallen servicemen of the two world wars.

One of the men who was killed in action at the age of just 25 years was Robert Collingwood Roddam.

Robert has a commemorative stained-glass window honouring him in Ingram Church.

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