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By Bulby’s Wood in autumn

By Bulby’s Wood

IT’S AUTUMN! And that means misty mornings, soggy ground and a damp that often lasts all day.

Well, this morning was one of those days. But it’s not a bad day – it’s just different. The grey clouds and diffuse light lends a unique atmosphere to the Breamish Valley. And, this morning, I headed to the River Breamish, close to Bulby’s Wood. And I wasn’t disappointed…

Pebbles galore

Pebbles galore along Breamish Valley

Now that the slightly warmer weather is drying the ground, and the fact the we’ve seen less rain over the past few days, the bed of the River Breamish is becoming more exposed…revealing it’s thousands upon thousands of granite pebbles and boulders.

Bluebells and Broom

Bluebells and Broom – coconut and vanilla!

The bright yellow gorse has been flowering Along the River Breamish for a number of weeks now, giving off its distinctive coconut smell. Well, it’s now been joined in force by an overwhelming display of similarly bright yellow flowers of the common broom. Broom is somewhat similar to gorse in appearance – but it doesn’t have the sharp spines. Typically flowering from April – June, the flowers characteristically smell of vanilla. Mmm…coconut and vanilla! What could be nicer?

Along the River Breamish

Along the River Breamish

Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring. ~ Khalil Gibran

What’s not to love about Spring?

Days are lengthening, the sun is shining (I might be pushing it a bit here)…and…people start to feel just that little bit brighter, that little bit more enthused, a bit more optimistic.

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