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Site 2 Riverbank Protection Underway

Riverbank protection underway at 2nd site

Since the near completion of Site 1 of the River Breamish Riverbank Protection scheme, work is now focusing on the Site 2 (between Site 1 and the Brandon footbridge).

A team from River Tweed Commission have been electro-fishing (or ‘electric fishing’) in front of Site 2 to catch and remove fish. For their protection, they are then replaced in the river downstream and prevented from returning to the work site by simple hay bale ‘fish barriers’.

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Site 1 Levelled

Site 1 levelled = near completion

After tipping top soil onto the embedded root wads as part of the River Breamish Riverbank Protection scheme, the Haywood Contracting workers have now completed the levelling of Site 1 (completed on Friday 1 November 2019).

It’s now possible to see how much land has been reclaimed and how the soft engineering has recreated the riverbank along its original course.

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