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Lion Bridge Autumn

Lion Bridge, Alnwick

The iconic Lion Bridge has been a favourite of photographers for decades. And, at this time of the year, given the right light, the scene looks wonderful nestled as it is close to Alnwick Castle.

Lion Bridge Autumn from Alnwick Castle Graham Williamson

According to the SCRAN online learning service of Historic Environment Scotland, the bridge (built by Robert Adam to replace a previous bridge that was demolished in floods during 1770) is called the Lion Bridge because…

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By Bulby’s Wood in autumn

By Bulby’s Wood

IT’S AUTUMN! And that means misty mornings, soggy ground and a damp that often lasts all day.

Well, this morning was one of those days. But it’s not a bad day – it’s just different. The grey clouds and diffuse light lends a unique atmosphere to the Breamish Valley. And, this morning, I headed to the River Breamish, close to Bulby’s Wood. And I wasn’t disappointed…

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Looking north

Looking north over the Cheviots

First…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you and yours had an enjoyable time over the recent holiday season.

I spent a lot of time in Durham with my family and just returned to Powburn and the beautiful Breamish Valley a couple of days ago. So, at the first opportunity, I was out on my bike yesterday and cycling along the valley. What a glorious day it was: cold and crisp but with an enduring sun that cast long shadows throughout the day.

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Views from above

Views from above Powburn

[All photos © Ian Glendinning 2016 – used with permission]

As mentioned in Cheviot Views Issue 28 (Dec 2016), we had a few more of Ian Glendinning’s aerial photographs of Powburn and the surrounding area to share with you. And here they are! Can you spot any obvious landmarks? Or even where you live? It pretty much goes without saying that views from above give a totally new perspective on where many of us live.

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Colours of sunset (Feb 2016)

The colours of sunset at Powburn

Back in mid-August 2015, I posted some photos of stunning Powburn sunsets.

Well, I’m not sure if you saw the amazing skies around Powburn, looking towards the Cheviots, last night? Margaret noticed them first at around 6.15pm and called me to comae and take a look. They sky was ablaze with ochres, reds, crimsons and deep blues. I took a few shots from my garden and then jumped into my car to rush around to the lane that runs from the A697 just near the Manse towards The Branton Lakes. I had to work quickly, as the light was changing moment by moment. By the time I’d snapped my last photo, at around 6.30pm, it was all over. The sun had dropped behind the hills, leaving the Cheviots illuminated by a grainy, yellow-grey late twilight.

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