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Meet the Vicar

Introducing Revd. Tracey Usher

Following the retirement of Revd. Marion Penfold, the Benefice of Breamish and Till is now pleased to announce the appointment of a new vicar who, among other things, will be responsible for Ingram Church. We’re pleased to introduce Revd. Tracey Usher…in her own words.

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An expert motorist: Christopher Leather

An expert motorist

As we move into a New Year with all the hopes and opportunities that this may bring, it’s important not to forget a significant anniversary during 2018 – the First World War Centenary.

Frequent visitors to this website will no doubt be aware of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project and the publication of the Breamish Valley Roll of Honour.

In October 2017, we focused on one of our young men from the Breamish Valley who lost his life during WWI: Captain Robert Collingwood Roddam. Robert was just 25 years when he was killed in action. In this current website post, we are focusing on another local man: Christopher Leather.

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All-round sportsman: Robert Collingwood Roddam

All-round sportsman

Those of you who have followed the development of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project will likely have reviewed the Roll of Honour for the fallen servicemen of the two world wars.

One of the men who was killed in action at the age of just 25 years was Robert Collingwood Roddam.

Robert has a commemorative stained-glass window honouring him in Ingram Church.

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In Memoriam Sarah Wilson

Thursday 10 December 2015

Remembering Sarah Wilson 1952-2015

Sarah Wilson: 1952 – 2015

A service of remembrance was held for Sarah Wilson at St Michael & All Angels church in Ingram today, commencing at 2:00pm.

Sarah sadly passed away last week, having fought lung cancer for several months. Sarah was well known to the people of Northumberland. She was a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother who was known for her ‘straight talking’, her love for her friends and family, and her enduring love for the countryside, including her horses and dogs who were always by her side. Sarah is also known in the Breamish Valley as the author of ‘Reflections: The Breamish Valley and Ingram’ that charts the lives and times of people and places in the valley, and ‘A Short History and Guide to Ingram Church’.

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Master craftsmen at Hedgeley

An account given by Robbie Hall in 1980

My grandfather, Robert Hall was born at Brandon White House in 1813. In 1825 he was apprenticed to James Stewart (for six years) who was a shoemaker in Powburn. His indenture, which we still have in the family, is interesting in that it lays down rules for both Master and Apprentice:

“The Master shall teach the Apprentice all he knows of the art and business of shoe-making, and also shall find and supply sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging and all other necessities during his apprenticeship. The Apprentice shall undertake to faithfully serve, his secrets keep, do his lawful demands gladly, shall not waste or lend his Master’s goods to anyone, shall not buy or sell without his Master’s leave and shall not enter Taverns, Inns or Ale Houses, and shall not play Cards, Dice or any other unlawful game…”

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Tales from Northumberland: Robson Green

So…my village’s annual Show gets to be on national TV this evening, eh?

Who’d have thought it? The Powburn Show on national tele!

TV star and famous Northumbrian Robson Green will be appearing on (More) Tales from Northumberland tonight on ITV at 8:00pm. The episode will feature Robson engaging in a bout of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling,  one of Britain’s oldest, and toughest, sports.

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