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Grey day walk: Branton Lakes

Grey day walk

Winter can be muggy, dark and grey. But it’s still great to get outside and enjoy our open spaces. We’re lucky in the Breamish Valley to have the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve accessible all year round. There’s a growing amount of evidence that just being out in nature improves our sense of well-being. And, for me, today was no exception – I thoroughly enjoyed my grey day walk…

Looking north

Looking north over the Cheviots

First…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you and yours had an enjoyable time over the recent holiday season.

I spent a lot of time in Durham with my family and just returned to Powburn and the beautiful Breamish Valley a couple of days ago. So, at the first opportunity, I was out on my bike yesterday and cycling along the valley. What a glorious day it was: cold and crisp but with an enduring sun that cast long shadows throughout the day.

Along the River Breamish

Along the River Breamish

Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring. ~ Khalil Gibran

What’s not to love about Spring?

Days are lengthening, the sun is shining (I might be pushing it a bit here)…and…people start to feel just that little bit brighter, that little bit more enthused, a bit more optimistic.

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