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County Councillor Report (Jan-Feb 2018)

County Councillor Report

Jan-Feb 2018

by Wendy Pattison – Tel. 07779 983072

County Councillor Wendy Pattison Northumberland


Speed Camera Van

The speed camera van will now be regularly situated in Powburn village. I am absolutely delighted that the residents of Powburn will now benefit from the speed camera signage and ultimately the slowing down of all traffic through the village. When I was first canvassing for election in early 2017 and before I was elected as the Longhoughton Ward County Councillor, I made an election promise to Hedgeley residents that I would do my very best to improve and prevent the current speeding issues. I am extremely grateful for the support of NCC Traffic Management Officer, Neil Snowdon, Cllr Robbie Burn and Hedgeley Parish Council and County Councillor Glen Sanderson who have all helped me to fulfil my election promise.

Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes (Sep 2017)

Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes now available online

Minutes of the September 2017 Hedgeley Parish Council meeting can now be viewed here

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Extracts from Hedgeley Parish Council Minutes

County Cllr update

  • A697 undergoing programme of schemes to improve road safety between Powburn and Shawdonhill, consisting of signage and road marking improvements with any necessary vegetation clearance and gully clearing.
  • Speeding through Powburn village an issue of concern, with camera van visiting area. A vibration monitor had been installed in a residents house on main road through Powburn to measure noise level/vibration of passing traffic. The noise level had been analysed with no significant readings, suggesting the red strips outside the home are not causing vibration issues. A PV2 survey which monitors footpath and pedestrian movement to also be carried out.

Breamish Valley War Memorial project

Completed Roll of Honour displayed on web-site, with  thanks given to Graham Williamson who had spent many hours uploading the  information. Steering Group had been set up to look at location, which most likely will be within the community garden and made from local, rustic materials. J Carr-Ellison is willing to donate  gateposts and provide funding, with funding also pledged from County Cllr W Pattison. Open day to be held where there will be a donation box.

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