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Ingram Pleasure Ride 2015

A horseback ride in the foothills of the Cheviots

Yesterday (Sun 26 Jul 2015) saw more than a few riders and horses passing through the Breamish Valley. They were participating in the Annual Newcastle & District Beagles’ Ride.

With the first rider setting off at 10:00am from Ingram Farm, the Ingram Pleasure Ride took riders along one of two routes: a 12 mile route with a good gallop and a ford to cross, or a 7 mile route leaving out the gallop and ford. With adults paying £18 and Children £10 to participate, all proceeds went to the Newcastle and District Beagles.

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A history of Powburn

By John Taylor

Hedgeley Parish lies at the extreme southern edge of the great prehistoric Glendale lake. As the land forms changed and natural drainage took place, human life began to shape the landscape as we know it.

Powburn village probably owes its existence to its strategic position near a river crossing (usually a ford) which, in time, would be replaced by a bridge of sorts. The Roman Army certainly used it for a military road which was part of the network north of the Great Wall. The road began in this part of the world at Rochester, crossing through Alndale to the Bridge of Aln. It was excavated on farm land at Rothill and shown to cross east of Glanton, coming down the high Powburn road and, following that part of the current A697, to Percy’s Cross along the route of the Devil’s Causeway to Hortons, Lowick and Berwick.

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The unfreeze

So…the temperature rose today to a balmy 4 degrees! Consequently, Branton Lakes have pretty much unfrozen. Just a few floating cracks of ice:

Fractured lake

Felt pretty warm walking in the sunshine but pretty cold as soon as you dipped into shade. The Exmoors are a hardy breed…and kept watch on the lakeside.

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