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Yellow fields

Breamish Valley yellow fields

Mid-spring and there is yellow everywhere along the Breamish Valley.

Patchworks of bright-yellow rapeseed can be seen on the surrounding hills and lower-lying ground.

Grown in this country predominantly for as an animal feed or to produce edible vegetable oils, it’s also known as oil seed rape or, simply, rape. For me, it’s one of the joys of the spring season.

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Bluebells and Broom

Bluebells and Broom – coconut and vanilla!

The bright yellow gorse has been flowering Along the River Breamish for a number of weeks now, giving off its distinctive coconut smell. Well, it’s now been joined in force by an overwhelming display of similarly bright yellow flowers of the common broom. Broom is somewhat similar to gorse in appearance – but it doesn’t have the sharp spines. Typically flowering from April – June, the flowers characteristically smell of vanilla. Mmm…coconut and vanilla! What could be nicer?

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Snowdrops and aconite

Snowdrops and aconite blooming in the valley!

At a time of the year when the sun barely breaks through the clouds, it’s uplifting to see drifts of white snowdrops emerging alongside the golden, cupped blooms of winter aconite. And, at the moment, these are plentiful along the Breamish Valley.

snowdrops and aconite with branch

Snowdrops and aconite flowering in Breamish Valley

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