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Hedgeley Lakes Autumn views

Hedgeley Lakes Autumn colours

A couple of days ago I walked to and around the Hedgeley Lakes, Powburn. This one-time gravel quarry is now an interesting conservation area under the management of Hedgeley Estates. Even though it doesn’t have the same aspect as Branton Nature Conservation Area (Branton NCA has more planting that breaks up the eye line/skyline around its borders), it has much to offer. There’s wildlife in abundance and the local bird hide provides a welcome place to stop and observe the goings on. The central island was lowered about a year or so ago on the advice of conservationists, who advised that lowering it would encourage more birds to nest there. Indeed, this seems to have worked.

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Riverbank erosion control tested

With Storm Abigail (the first storm to be officially named by the UK Met Office) hitting the UK earlier than forecast it’s quickly made its way up to Northumberland today. We experienced some torrential rain overnight, accompanied by gale-force winds. Unsurprisingly, this has swollen the River Breamish. Now, for the first time since it was constructed at the end of September this year, the riverbank erosion control measures near Brandon farm have been tested.

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Riverbank erosion control

Riverbank erosion control at Brandon

Back in late 2012 the Breamish Valley saw heavy flooding. So heavy that parts of the bank of the River Breamish suffered mass failure. This was particularly evident at Brandon, just on the bend of the river opposite Brandon Farm.

This photo, taken on 29 June 2012, shows a relatively gently bend in the river to the right at Brandon Farm, as viewed from the Branton footbridge.

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Powburn sunset

Powburn sunset was magnificent!

Did you see the sunset tonight?

It was spectacular: bright reds, oranges, yellows, magentas and blues. I managed to get some photos before it disappeared forever. You can see how rich the colours were. None of the photos on this page are enhanced and I didn’t use any filters. They are exactly as they came out of the camera.

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