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What does wildlife or a wild place mean to you?

I realise how privileged I am to live in the countryside. Being in the Breamish Valley gives me daily access to mile upon mile of beautiful countryside: open moorland, high hills, undulating farmland and the picturesque River Breamish.

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Good things in nature

What do you think is good in nature?

  • Active wildlife?
  • Its beauty?
  • The wide range of colours?
  • Something else?

While each of us would probably answer the question in a slightly different way, Dr Miles Richardson and colleagues at the University of Derby1 have identified 10 themes that capture everyday good things in nature that promote a person’s sense of connection to nature:

Oh, Christmas tree…

If you’ve passed by the Community Garden in Powburn recently you’ll have noticed it’s a whole lot lighter in there. Thanks to the efforts of Sid Smailes and an enthusiastic group of local helpers, the old and unmanageable conifer that formed the central focus of the garden has been removed to make managing the Community Garden easier and better for everyone who wants to visit it.

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