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Riverbank erosion control tested

With Storm Abigail (the first storm to be officially named by the UK Met Office) hitting the UK earlier than forecast it’s quickly made its way up to Northumberland today. We experienced some torrential rain overnight, accompanied by gale-force winds. Unsurprisingly, this has swollen the River Breamish. Now, for the first time since it was constructed at the end of September this year, the riverbank erosion control measures near Brandon farm have been tested.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves in the Breamish Valley

crimson – gold – amethyst – black – ginger – cerise – magenta – cobalt – russet

What colour are your Autumn leaves?

Lying leaves
Autumn leaves with cows
Autumn beech
Leaves on an Autumn forest floor
Powburn tree line

Riverbank erosion control

Riverbank erosion control at Brandon

Back in late 2012 the Breamish Valley saw heavy flooding. So heavy that parts of the bank of the River Breamish suffered mass failure. This was particularly evident at Brandon, just on the bend of the river opposite Brandon Farm.

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