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Powburn sky Feb 2016

Powburn sky – just brill!

I’ve said it before but the the Breamish Valley sky and colours of sunset can be spectacular.

Just a couple of days ago, whilst cycling to Branton Lakes, the cloud formations and the combination of low winter sun created some exquisite panoramas. Here’s an example of what you can see…just get out there, and enjoy!

Colours of sunset (Feb 2016)

The colours of sunset at Powburn

Back in mid-August 2015, I posted some photos of stunning Powburn sunsets.

Well, I’m not sure if you saw the amazing skies around Powburn, looking towards the Cheviots, last night? Margaret noticed them first at around 6.15pm and called me to comae and take a look. They sky was ablaze with ochres, reds, crimsons and deep blues. I took a few shots from my garden and then jumped into my car to rush around to the lane that runs from the A697 just near the Manse towards The Branton Lakes. I had to work quickly, as the light was changing moment by moment. By the time I’d snapped my last photo, at around 6.30pm, it was all over. The sun had dropped behind the hills, leaving the Cheviots illuminated by a grainy, yellow-grey late twilight.

River Breamish flotsam

River Breamish flotsam of trees

tree wrecks


washed in rushing runs;




and worn out:

a journey to the sea

After Storm Frank and the wet, wet wet weather, we had a break in the rain again yesterday and that strange golden orb in the sky that we haven’t seen for so long, shone awhile.

Rain, rain, go away!

Wet, wet wet!

Rain, rain, go away!

Come again another day;

Little Arthur wants to play.

Like so many people across the country, we woke up in the Breamish Valley yesterday morning (Wed 6 January 2016) to ongoing, relentless downpours. Sooooo:: wet!

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