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Ingram Fireworks Fun 2019!

Fireworks fun at Ingram Village

Following the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, King James I introduced the ‘Observance of 5th November Act’, an enforced annual public day of thanksgiving. Despite being repealed in 1859, the celebration has continued with enthusiasm throughout the UK. So last night – exactly 414 years after the failed plot – Ingram Village celebrated in its own community-centred style at Ingram Village Hall.

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School Fete success 2016

Summer School Fete success

To celebrate the opening of Branton Community Primary School in September 2016, the Summer Fete held on Saturday 25 June 2016 was a great success!

learning to run and count

Running and counting…what fun!

With fun and free children’s activities, including a treasure hunt, pony rides, football practice, naming a sheep…and more…there were happy, smiling children and adults everywhere. Despite an early threat of rain, the weather held out and the sun also smiled on proceedings.

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The Happy Cats (Powburn 2016)

The Happy Cats

The Happy Cats logo 2

A drop of the Irish, a spoonful of Country, a splash of Cajun and a twist of folk returned to Powburn last Saturday night (25 June 2016) in the form of The Happy Cats, almost two years after their last sell-out performance at Breamish Hall.

And last weekend’s gig was no exception. The multi-talented line-up of Marty Craggs (lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica, flute, tin whistle, tambourine, bodhran), Les Dodd (guitar, vocals) and Lenny Brown (accordion, vocals) got the crowd buzzing with electrifying performances from start to finish. By the end of a terrific evening of Celtic sounds, mixed with Geordie and Irish folk, underpinned by stirring rock and roll rhythms, the crowd were on their feet with grins as wide as…well…a happy cat! Just outstanding!

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