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River Breamish – water haven for weary travellers

Cycling along the Breamish Valley is one of my favourite activities. But sometimes, instead of getting my head down and pounding the pedals, it’s nice to stop and just stay awhile…and look.

Just near Bulby’s Wood (with its new visitor facilities) there are plenty of places to stop alongside the River Breamish and relax.

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Leisure cycling to Reaveley

Glorious sunshine

Some glorious patches of blue sky and bright sunshine yesterday. So…just a bit of leisure cycling from Powburn to Reaveley along the flat valley floor of the Breamish Valley was in order.

I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…

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By Bulby’s Wood in winter

What a great day it was yesterday. Sun was shining and it had pretty much flashed off any remaining snow on the lanes and fields. So off we went cycling. I’m really just a leisure cyclist – I can’t manage too many hills. And so the Breamish Valley from Powburn is ideal. I thought it would be nice to go and sit…

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