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Building work Plough Inn

NOTICE: Building work Plough Inn, Powburn

Hedgeley Estates have advised us of the following:

“Some builders etc who will be in the Plough Inn car park and doing work around the property.

MGM are scheduled to start the work around 7th November but, as yet, a full schedule is still in preparation.

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Hedgeley gravel quarry

Can you see Hedgeley gravel quarry?

I’d mentioned last November that, “Even though there’s a gravel quarry at Hedgeley I’m typically blissfully unaware of its existence living at Powburn as I do.” In addition, even when walking around Hedgeley Lakes you wouldn’t necessarily know that gravel was being extracted: it’s not easy to see the extraction machinery when the trees are in full leaf.

However, now that we’re well into Winter and the trees have shed their leaves, it’s now possible to see a little of what’s there and what’s happening. You can get a glimpse of the shape and scale of the machinery needed to extract the gravel close to Low Hedgeley Farm, Powburn.

Gravel quarry at Hedgeley Lakes

Gravel quarry machinery seen from Hedgeley Lakes

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Gravel quarry traffic

Gravel quarry traffic at Hedgeley

Just looking back over a few photos that I took in mid August of this year on a quick walk around the Hedgeley Lakes.

Even though there’s a gravel quarry at Hedgeley I’m typically blissfully unaware of its existence living at Powburn as I do. Even walking around the lakes you would not necessarily be aware that gravel extraction was taking place. There is, of course, the sound of the mechanical ‘sieve’ that presumably is separating the gravel by size. However, the sound is fairly well dampened by the river bank, trees and hedgerows – at least from the lakes side – that it doesn’t demand your attention, and you can happily enjoy a peaceful walk.

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Heating Oil Club

Whittingham and Powburn Heating Oil Club

Local Powburn resident, Julia Simpson has been in touch to alert us to the Whittingham and Powburn Heating Oil Club.

It’s affiliated to the national ‘The Oil-Club’ and has had a number of recommendations. It’s featured in Which? on line (Getting the Best Oil Price), The Sunday Times & The Telegraph Money Section, on Radio 4 and ITV’s Tonight program Power to the People. It’s the largest oil club in the UK and works to ensure members get the best price and service by negotiating the bulk purchase of heating oil, saving our members £100’s.

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Locals help their local

Locals help their local to re-open

[All images © Eileen Whitenstall 2015 – used with permission]

Since Joe Robson announced that he will be re-opening the Plough Inn in Powburn this week, local residents have been lending a hand to ensure that everything’s spick and span for the re-opening on:

FRIDAY 23 OCTOBER 2015 at 7:00pm

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