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The Happy Cats are here again!

The Happy Cats on tour

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[Updated: 14 Feb 2017]

Since their first successful performance at Breamish Hall, Powburn in August 2014 and their follow-up performance in June last year, we’re pleased to announce the return of the crowd-pleasing folk band The Happy Cats.

“A drop of the Irish, a hot spoonful of salsa, a twist of Tamla, shake it all up with thirty years of Rock ‘n’ Roll experience and garnish with good humour – there you have The Happy Cats!”

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A message from Community Action Northumberland

Dear friend,

As you know, village halls are at the heart of our communities in Northumberland. They offer a place for groups to get together, children to play, people to learn new skills, and family and friends to celebrate. Village halls are a focal point for the local community.

But we know they need support to survive. Behind the scenes, it is you as trustees and management committees that keep village halls going – and you need support and training to fulfil your roles.

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