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Stop Speeding! update (Oct 2017)

Camera van delay

We have received the following information from Cllr Wendy Pattison  via Robbie Burn (Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council and the lead contact for the Stop Speeding! Campaign).

Wendy has been in contact with Northumberland County Council regarding the delay in siting a camera van in Powburn. She reports that she has been in touch with Ruth Bendall (Head of Traffic Management) and that Ruth has provided the following explanation:

With regard to the speed camera van in Powburn I am aware that the plans were for the van to be there in September, however, I understand that when the site visit was carried out they discovered that some of the long standing legal signing for the 30mph speed restriction was missing.  Without these signs we would be criticised for having a van there.  As soon as this was discovered Neil ordered replacement signs and as soon as they are installed the police will be able to start enforcement.  Neil will keep you informed but unfortunately until the correct legal signs are in place we are unable to instruct enforcement.  I am sorry for the delay and can appreciate the difficulties that you face, however, I hope that the local community will prefer any enforcement to be carried out correctly with the legal signs allowing tickets to be issued.

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Tel: 07779 983 072


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