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Spring is Springing!

Spring is springing, the grass is rizzing!

But which Spring is springing? The astronomical Spring? The meteorological Spring?

Astronomical Spring

This is when, owing to the Earth’s tilt in relation to its rotation around the sun, the length of a day and a night is equal. This is also known as the vernal equinox and it occurred on 20 March 2023.

Meterological Spring

This is largely a ‘social construct’ (an idea/concept that has been created and generally accepted by a group of people) in which the seasons are divided into four equal lengths of three months that coincide with our (Gregorian) calendar. Consequently, meteorological Spring always begins on 1 March (in the northern hemisphere).

British Summer Time

For many of us, the start of British Summer Time (BST) signals the start of Spring – the clocks spring forward one hour and the days seem longer. Psychologically we can feel like we’re leaving the darker nights of the winter behind as we move forwards towards new growth, enjoying the daffodils and other Spring flowers. BST (another largely ‘social construct’) always begins on the last Sunday in March during the early morning. This year it began on 1am on 26 March.

Whichever Spring is springing, it’s lovely in the valley…

Photo of white wild violets
White wild violets
Photo of burn at Branton
The burn at Branton
Three lambs in a field close to their mother
Nothing says ‘Spring’ more than Spring lambs!
Photo of River Breamish at Branton
River Breamish looking towards Crawley Tower
Photo of sheep walking along country lane
Even the sheep are off on their holidays!

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