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Speed Camera Site Compliance Powburn

Speed Camera Site Compliance

Website visitors may recall that there was a delay in siting the road traffic camera van in Powburn (see Stop Speeding! Update (Oct 2017). Since then, Neil Snowden (Principal Programme Officer, Technical Services, Northumberland County Council) has had plans drawn up for replacement of signage on the A697 in Powburn. The information was forwarded by County Councillor Wendy Pattison to Councillor Robbie Burn (Chair, Hedgeley Parish Council) who has subsequently submitted it for publication to keep residents up to date with developments.

In an email to Wendy, Neil stated:

For information, please find enclosed drawings for Powburn. Once this scheme is complete we will arrange for the site compliance certificate to be signed off, after which the camera van will be able to enforce.

Neil Snowdon

The drawings can be viewed here:

HF174523-03-00-A697-01-01 Scheme Layout

HF174523-03-00-A697-01-02 Scheme Detail & Schedules


Wendy Pattison


Tel: 07779 983 072

Robbie Burn


Tel: 01665 578576

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