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Slow Down Through Branton

New road signs encourage slow down through Branton village

In an effort to get road users to slow down through Branton village, new 20 mph road signs have recently been installed.

Photo of a new 20 mph road sign
New 20 mph sign at Branton village

There are now two 20 mph signs at the main entrance to Branton from the A697. These are especially welcome, as the first building traffic approaches is the Branton Community Primary School.

Photo of two 20 mph road signs and a school warning road sign
The approach to the Primary School

The road markings in the village have also been refreshed to make clear who has right of way.

Photo of re-painted road markings at a road junction in Branton
Re-painted road markings

There are also some changes to the speed at which road users can exit Branton. Look out for the 30 mph signs that are typically in force for around 300m before returning to the national speed limit.

Photo of 30 mph road sign at exit from Branton
30 mph exit sign

Let’s all do our bit and keep to the new speed limits at Branton – and keep residents and school children safe.

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