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Shawdon Hall Image Added

Shawdon Hall added to Breamish Valley Photographic Collection

With the recent republication of A History of Shawdon Hall, this prompted me to search for a vintage image of the Hall, as the ones we’ve had access to are relatively recent images. I eventually found and purchased a postcard from Berlin. Yes! Berlin in Germany. Who’d have thought that you’d have to go back to the EU to obtain old images of your local area?

Anyway, the postcard arrived yesterday (31 December 2020). And that’s the image at the top of this page. Interestingly, it’s arrival was exactly 113 years to the date that the original postcard was franked: having been sent from Shawdon Hall to Brechin in Forfarshire, Scotland on 31 December 1907.

Not all the writing on the back of the postcard is legible but it appears to read as follows:

Shawdon Hall

You will see I have [changed] Will write you a long letter This is only to wish you a very happy New Year

[L Nicol]

Mrs [Hagger(ty)]

Take a look

I’ve added the image to the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection and included a brief description of the Hall’s construction.


You can access the image directly using the below image button:

square image of Shawdon Hall

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