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Seeing Again

Seeing again what we saw only yesterday

Still having that Groundhog Day feeling, still feel like I’m rather going round and round the mulberry bush – but at least with a new perspective.

Just taking one step to the left or standing on my tip-toes, just a slight inclination of my head to the right, or even lying down on the grass – they all give a slightly different perspective. Just letting me see the same thing just that bit differently. And, all-in-all, it’s not too onerous moving a bit this way and a bit that way – although getting up off the grass when I’m down there isn’t quite so easy!

Off on my once-a-day again…

seeing again woodstack
Seeing again a ‘mundane’ woodstack
seeing again River Breamish
Seeing again the River Breamish near Ingram
seeing again Crawley Dene
Seeing again the green Crawley Dene

Creativity arises from our ability to see things from many different angles.

Keri Smith (Canadian author)

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