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Sahara Sunrise

Sahara sunrise over Breamish Valley

Did you see it?

A rare phenomenon occurred in the skies over the UK last week: a Saharan dust cloud blew over the Atlantic from Africa and created spectacular sunrises (and sunsets) across the country.

The dust, carried by strong winds from the Sahara desert, mixed with the moisture in the air and scattered the low-angle sunlight to produce vibrant colours of orange, pink and purple. The dust also reduces the visibility and creates a hazy effect, making the sun appear larger and softer. This natural spectacle only lasted a few days, and I was lucky enough to capture these photos on the morning of 31 January 2024.

Spectacular sunrise over Powburn
Sahara sunrise over Powburn
Vivid sunrise over row of trees
Sahara sunrise at Crawley Dene


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