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Rural Us Project

Rural Us Project, Northumberland

RuralUs is a Lottery funded project that is here for anyone of any age who may feel lonely or isolated. We work with individuals from all over North Northumberland and connect them to groups or services that will enhance their wellbeing.

A service for everyone

Often, particularly in rural locations, groups and services don’t exist so if someone has an idea for a group, we encourage and support this. We are always looking for gaps. We want to make sure that no one is left out because of where they live. As an example, we are currently focused on a village which is geographically isolated and has very poor transport links. Many of its residents don’t drive, there is a high number of children and young families, no school, very few groups and new houses being built. Through conversation with the residents, we have identified lots of opportunities for development and we are looking forward to working together.

Anything to share?

If you know an individual who is lonely, someone with a good idea or a community lacking in groups we would be very interested to talk to you.

Tel: 07493971706


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The RuralUs Project is funded by the National Lottery through The National Lottery Community Fund


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