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Roll of Honour published

Breamish Valley Roll of Honour published online

We are pleased to announce that the ‘Roll of Honour’ to commemorate the lives of the fallen from the Breamish Valley has now been published online.

This is the result of extensive research by Robbie Burn, lead member and instigator, of the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project. The project began on a principled basis in early 2017 with the aim to:

Commemorate individuals who lost their lives in either of the two world wars while serving in the armed forces or directly supporting the armed forces.

It was intended that a Roll of Honour be compiled and that a physical War Memorial be constructed with a view to this being sited in the Powburn Community Garden. The goal is to have the War Memorial in place to commemorate 100 years of the cessation of the hostilities of WWI in late 2018. For now, we are publishing the Roll of Honour so that members of the public and other interested parties can review the information we currently have and get in touch if they identify any omissions, errors, etc or if they wish to request the inclusion of a potentially over-looked individual.

You can access the Roll of Honour via the following link:

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Breamish Valley Roll of Honour

List of names

As at 9 October 2018, we have identified 32 servicemen from WWI and 7 servicemen who lost their lives in WWII.

We recognise that, even today, the issue of commemorating our war dead is an emotive one. We have, in good faith, attempted to identify all the individuals from the Breamish Valley who lost their lives and to construct as complete a list as possible. To this end, we have compiled a set of working principles and criteria to assist in determining which names to include on the memorial and in the Roll of Honour. You can download/read a copy of these via following link:

Roll of Honour inclusion criteria icon

Working Principles and Inclusion Criteria

Who to contact

Mr Robbie Burn, Shady Nook, Powburn NE66 4HH


Tel: 01665 578138

Further information

For clarity, I have set out the following useful information in separate posts:


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