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Roll of Honour inclusion criteria


The War Memorials Trust indicates that “…there are no definitive rules about the names and inscriptions on war memorials.” Consequently, communities have used different criteria to determine who is commemorated, and so on. The Breamish Valley War Memorial Project (BVWMP) has determined that the purpose of the Breamish Valley War Memorial and Roll of Honour is to:

Commemorate individuals who lost their lives in either of the two world wars while serving in the armed forces or directly supporting the armed forces.

Inclusion criteria


In sum, the BVWMP uses three overarching criteria to guide the determination of whether or not a named individual ought to be added to the Roll of Honour and to the War Memorial:

  1. catchment area, i.e. individual has a direct association with the Breamish Valley, AND
  2. individual’s status, e.g. killed on duty, dying after being discharged but as a result of their service, dying of natural causes during times of hostilities, and similar, OR
  3. the individual is already listed on an existing memorial.

In detail


The individual was born in the Breamish Valley, Northumberland, UK or lived in the area for some time, by either being brought up in the Breamish Valley or moving here at a young age prior to joining the armed services or support services. The Breamish Valley incorporates the following hamlets and villages:

  • Beanley
  • Brandon
  • Branton
  • East Lilburn
  • Greenside Hill
  • Hedgeley
  • Ilderton
  • Ingram
  • Linhope
  • Lilburn
  • Low Hedgeley
  • New Bewick
  • Newtown
  • North Field
  • Old Bewick
  • Powburn
  • Roddam
  • Roseden
  • Westwood Hall
  • Wooperton

For those who may have lived outside these boundaries, if there is a clear link with the Breamish Valley, and it is not necessarily known that they resided outside, their name can be included.


The individual was one of the following:

  1. A member of the armed forces (regular or reserve) who was killed on duty while performing functions attributable to the special circumstances and requirements of the armed forces, or because of terrorist action, or who died while deployed on a designated operation.
  2. A member of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary or the merchant navy who died in a conflict zone while in direct support of the armed forces.
  3. Discharged from the service but later died within a reasonable time after the end of a conflict and it is clear that they have died as a result of their service.
  4. Died while in service in UK armed forces by an incident not defined above, including dying of wounds or disease, and dying from natural causes during times of hostilities.


If a Breamish Valley serviceman or servicewoman is already listed on another existing Roll of Honour, memorial or plaque held and maintained by another authority, then its authenticity is assumed, even if no other record can be found, and the individual’s name will be included.

Further information

You can download/read the full document Working Principles and Inclusion Criteria by following the following link:

Roll of Honour inclusion criteria icon

Working Principles and Inclusion Criteria

Who can I contact?

All queries/requests concerning the War Memorial Project to:

Mr Robbie Burn, Shady Nook, Powburn NE66 4HH


Tel: 01665 578138


War Memorials Trust (2013) ‘Addition of names to war memorials’ WWW Accessed 17 September 2017.


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