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Road Sign Restoration

A697 road sign restoration

I’ve known about this road sign on the A697 in Crawley Dene for a few years. It’s been at the side of the road, partially knocked down the embankment and in a bit of a sorry state.

We took advantage of having the tractor and the road being shut yesterday, managed to get it out and it’s now in storage.

We will have a look at getting it restored then put back.

Robbie Burn (Chair, Hedgeley Parish Council)

retrieving road sign at Powburn c. Robbie Burn

Retrieving road sign in Crawley Dene, Powburn

retreived road sign at Powburn c. Robbie Burn

Detail of retrieved road sign


  1. Jacqui Knighton

    I wondered where it had gone. I spotted it when we were doing the litter pick – I hope they manage to restore it and put it back 🙂

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