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Road Sign Planters

Road sign planters planted

As part of the traffic calming measures agreed recently with Northumberland County Council, residents will have noticed that new ‘gate’ road signs have been installed at three villages within Hedgeley Parish Council: Powburn, Beanley and Bolton.

As well as having their intended functional effect of slowing traffic entering the villages, the Parish Council also acted to make these look more attractive to residents and visitors. To this end they commissioned Chris Armit to construct some wooden planters that fit neatly under each sign. To date, four have been made for Powburn (for the two gates at the north entrance on the A697 and two for those at the A697 south entrance).

So, Powburn residents, Frances and Dave Hobson, Robbie Burn and May Wilson (Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council) wasted no time in getting out to plant the new wooden planters.

May Wilson planting south road sign planters on A697
May Wilson planting south entrance
Robbie Burn planting new road sign planter at South of Powburn
Robbie Burn planting at south entrance
Road sign planter in woodland at south entrance to Powburn
South entrance planter on left side of A697
Frances Hobson planting north road sign planters on A697
Frances Hobson planting north entrance
road sign planter at north of Powburn village
North entrance to Powburn (left side A697)
new road sign planter at north of Powburn village on A697
North entrance to Powburn (right side A697)

More to come

Chris Armit will also be making two planters for Bolton Village.

Beanley will need two planters as well and someone else will arrange to construct these.

new gateway road sign at Beanley village
Road sign at Beanley ready for a planter


As mentioned, the planting was undertaken to enhance the beauty of the area as part of the traffic calming measures works.

In addition to the gate road sign, a new interactive sign has been installed on the A697 in Powburn towards the north entrance. We would like to thank Cllr Wendy Pattison who helpfully provided £3,390.00 from her Member’s Allowance to fund this (see County Councillor Report (May-Jun 2020)).

Also, Northumberland County Council has agreed to refresh road markings, and this will be carried out in the near future.

Thanks to John Frater of Powburn for cutting the grass up to both sets of planters. John will continue to tend the verges.

Frances, Dave, Robbie and May donated some of the plants used to fill the planters. Homebase in Alnwick also gave a discount on purchases to assist this community project.

Finally, Frances and Dave have kindly agreed to tend the plants in the planters at the north entrance and Robbie will look after those at the south entrance.

Do you want to help?

help us by sowing some extra flower seeds

One way we’re thinking of keeping unnecessary costs to a minimum is to ask garden lovers who grow their own flowers from seed each year, to sow a few more and donate them to Hedgeley Parish Council so that they can be used for the planters.

Next Spring seems such a long way off at the moment though…so, we’ll remind you closer to the time next year.

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