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Reply to NCC Road Safety Report

County Council meeting

On 8 July 2013 I attended the County Council’s Northern Area Committee Meeting to represent the views of Powburn residents regarding the Council’s recent (see Council Report Prepared). Robbie Burn was due to make the presentation but, unfortunately, was not able to attend, so I attended on his behalf.

I had 5 minutes to set out our outstanding concerns resulting from our consideration of the Council’s report.

Read our concerns here

Our position on this issue was fully supported by Councillor John Taylor and several other Councillors gave positive feedback and qualified support for helping us resolve the ongoing issue of speeding through the village.

Councillor Taylor suggested the way forward was to convene a meeting with a lead officer from the Highways Department, relevant County Councillors and representatives drawn from Powburn village. The purpose would be to consider out outstanding concerns and propose appropriate actions. This was agreed by the Committee and the clerk will arrange this.

This will not affect the agreed actions, i.e.

  • Speed survey, with results forwarded to the NSRI for action
  • Illumination of existing 30mph/40mph signs
  • Reinstatement of road markings at Glanton junction as well as 30mph road roundels

When Robbie returns from his break away, I will update him and he will be able to advise about future meetings.

Graham Williamson

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