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Remembrance Day Poppies

Message from Hedgeley WI

Knitted/crocheted poppies

I know that November is a long way off, but this is one thing we can plan for.

Noreen (Birnie) and I had seen poppy displays previously in some villages and thought it a lovely idea if Hedgeley Women’s Institute could organise a display of poppies next to the Breamish Valley War Memorial in the Powburn Community Garden. To make it look impressive, we are going to need an awful lot of poppies! 

Would you like to get involved?

It would be a great if there are some knitters/people who can crochet who would like to give a hand.

If we start now, we will hopefully have a good display come November.

Do you need anything?

I have some wool but not extra needles/crochet hooks, but I am sure our ladies could rustle up some if need be. 


Instructions on how to make a knitted or crocheted poppy can be found at:

Further information

Anyone interested in helping can contact Noreen Birnie 01665 578586 or me 01665 578576: we also have some other patterns that we can share with you.

Best wishes

May Wilson (President, Hedgeley WI)

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