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Rainbows Abound

Rainbows abound – front and back

It’s plain to see that we’re having a very wet time of it at present. Lots…and lots…of rain and dark clouds. But behind every cloud there’s the sun, and sun + rain = rainbows!

I’d shared a view of an early-evening rainbow taken on 17 March 2024 from my front window – just one for that day. However, the rain’s been so persistent that last week, with the little bit of sunshine we had, I managed to see rainbows at the start of the day (from my back window) and yet again at the end of the day (from my front window). In fact, they were so relentless that they even insisted in coming inside!

Rainbow arcing over houses and trees
Morning rainbow out back
Close up photo of a rainbow over house roof
A closer look
Prism-like image of a rainbow pattern on an interior house wall
Rainbows in my house!
Rainbow arcing over a line of trees
And finally – moved to the front of the house

Beauty is not without consequence

While it’s nice to stop and enjoy the sight of a rainbow from a purely aesthetic point of view, I’m also acutely aware that the cause – unprecedented rainfall – is a great worry for farmers and land workers in our rural part of Northumberland.

It’s easy to see from a quick walk along the Breamish Valley that the land is sodden, fields are flooded in parts, and the River Breamish is high. Indeed, we’ve just had the wettest March in over 40 years (1).

Consequently, livestock and crops are being affected as England and Wales have suffered the “wettest 18 months since records began in 1836” (2). Farmers are warning that a “crisis is building” as food production is being adversely affected by the conditions (3). So, let’s not forget our local farmers and their workers – let’s do what we can to support them.


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