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Powburn Road Signage Work to Begin

Site Compliance

Following our last update regarding Speed Camera Site Compliance in Powburn, we have received this brief update via Robbie Burn (Campaign Lead) from Cllr Wendy Pattison.

Date for signage work to begin

Mr Neil Snowden (Principal Programme Officer, Technical Services, Northumberland County Council) has confirmed that the target date for work to begin on installation of compliant signage along the A697 in Powburn (prior to the siting of a speed camera van) is:

Monday 8 January 2018

Of course, an issue at this time of year is the weather and the County Council’s wider winter services responsibilities. However, Mr Snowden will keep Cllr Pattison informed.


Wendy Pattison


Tel: 07779 983 072

Robbie Burn


Tel: 01665 578576


  1. Paul and Tracey Whelan 9 Crawley Dene

    Great stuff and just to let you know the effort you put in is appreciated by our family. and others i have spoken too..thank you…(f.y.i )the sign as you leave Crawley Dene Estate is difficult to see past as you look left along the A697(apologies if this is already in hand)Cheers and all best Paul

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I agree, the sign is difficult to see past. I’m not sure if this is to be addressed in the current signage works. I’ll pass your comments on to Robbie Burn (Chair of Hedgeley Parish Council) to get his comments. Regards!

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