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Powburn Play Area Open

Powburn Play Area open after lockdown!

Great news for all parents and children…at the July 2020 Quarterly Meeting of Hedgeley Parish Council on Wednesday 22 July 2020, it was agreed that the Powburn Play Area could now re-open.

Following an appropriate risk assessment in the light of recent UK Government guidelines, the Powburn Play Area will open as from Saturday 25 July 2020. With due consideration to the safety of children, their guardians and local residents the following conditions will apply until further notice.


Only one adult to accompany a child.

Guardians must bring their own hand sanitiser and wipes.

If the play area is busy, please wait or come back at another time.

Take your litter home (including hand wipes).

Cleaning and hand hygiene

IMPORTANT NOTE: The play equipment is NOT cleansed daily.

Guardians must clean equipment before use, particularly where there are clear touch points, such as swing chains and monkey bars. 

Guardians and children must sanitise their hands before and after using the play area, especially after touching play equipment and the entry gate.

Social distancing

Stay 2 metres apart wherever possible.

Avoid non-essential physical contact

Use of individual pieces of equipment is limited to one per household at any one time.

Feeling unwell?

If you or any of your family are unwell, do not use the play area.

If anyone in your household becomes unwell while in the play area with coronavirus symptoms (a new continuous cough or a high temperature) they must go home and inform Hedgeley Parish Council.


Phone: 01669 621565


[Effective 25 July 2020 until further notice]

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