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Powburn Community Garden

The Powburn Community Garden

Powburn Village is lucky to have its own Community Garden.

It’s used for many things: a restful space in which to sit and listen to the babble of the Pow Burn; a communal area in which to celebrate community events; a starting point from which to explore the Breamish Valley.

Managed by Hedgeley Parish Council for the benefit of the whole community, everyone is welcome to visit the Powburn Community Garden.

Plants and picnics

In recent years, the garden has been planted with several ornamental trees (Malus ‘John Downie’) that have a profusion of white flowers opening from pink buds in the Springtime.

flowering malus John Downie
Flowering ornamental trees

There are benches to sit on and a table for a picnic.

new seating in Powburn community garden
Picnic bench

Christmas magic

Every Christmas, a decorated Christmas tree is erected in the garden and twinkling lights placed on it and also in the trees towards the back of the garden. It gives a lovely, warming feeling and often residents gather to sing Christmas Carols around the tree before carolling around the village.

Magical fairy lights in Powburn Community Garden
Magical fairy lights!

Breamish Valley War Memorial

The Powburn Community Garden is the site of the Breamish Valley War Memorial. Dedicated in 2018, it is a memorial to the 39 servicemen from the Breamish Valley who lost their lives in the two World Wars.

Breamish Valley War Memorial dedicated header
Breamish Valley War Memorial

Where is Powburn Community Garden?

It’s on the A697 tourist route between England and Scotland, just where the road bridge crosses the Pow Burn, and right next to the Children’s Play Area [GPS: 55°26’31.757″ N 1°54’16.379″ W].

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